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Zero-G Screen Innovations

The Zero-G (Rollable Television) by Screen Innovations | Austin, Texas

We love Screen Innovations’ screens. They are easy to install and we can always confidently stand by their products we sell. The Zero-G screen by Screen Innovations is great and ideal for situations where you wouldn’t want to have a fixed screen at all times.

The Zero-G is significant in that it also has no black mask above it- like most roll down screens do. Instead, it has nearly invisible cables attached to the top of the screen giving it a levitating appearance. These high-strength cables are available in different colors so that the best match can be made to create this look.


Instead of being mounted on a wall, the Zero-G is ceiling mounted and the screen and motor are rolled up in a specially designed case. This all comes built from SI and the work left for us is just mounting it in a pocket or mounting to the ceiling. The case has a nice finish, with bomb-bay doors that open when the screen is activated to lower. If you don’t have a built out pocket for it- not to worry! The Zero-G uses a Somfy motor and MyLink for control. We will typically bypass the MyLink control and tie it in with a Control4 home automation controller so that with one simple push of a button the screen rolls down, projector turns on, and an Apple TV or cable box powers on too.


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The ultimate benefit of this screen is you can design your room the way you want to without having to consider where you would position a flat panel screen. It can be mounted in front of large windows or walls where you typically could never mount a TV too. This a huge benefit for those going for a more contemporary design or live in a high rise in downtown Austin.

So what are you waiting for!? Call us today! We can help you with design, pricing, and installation on all of Screen Innovations’ state-of-the-art screens – built right here in Austin, Texas. For more information, please call our office at 512-263-9700.

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