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Whole Home Control in Austin Texas with Control4

The Control4 Experience


At Next Electronic Systems, we believe the solution for time consumption is Control4. 

We all have lists of tasks to check off every morning before heading to work or leaving the house. Traffic for Austin residents can be hard enough to deal with in the morning. Turning off lights and appliances, opening or closing shades, and making sure all the doors are locked can take up precious time.


Home automation technology has been around for a while, but never as affordable as it is today. Control4’s app for Apple and Android gives the consumer the ability to control all of their integrated devices anywhere in the world.

This week we wanted to show more people the possibilities of what a Control4 system can do. Control4 has won multiple awards this year from Prosource, CEPro, ISE, and CES; including Best of Show for their EA Series Controllers. CEPro commended them for their warranty policies.

As a long time AV, integrator, we believe Control4 is one of the best automation systems for residential and commercial use.

Designing a Smarthome

Having everything work together is a great thing, and that is exactly what Control4 does. Control4 stands behind an open platform and their EA line was designed to work with everything. In fact, it currently supports 9,500 devices from hundreds of different brands. They have one remote that is easy to familiarize with. The GUI (graphic user interface) is a static design. It sacrifices customization for ease. The great thing about this is that anyone who has ever used a Control4 system can easily use the app and do things they want the system to do without getting lost along the way. If a home or hotel you travel to on the other side of the world has a Control4 system, it will look and be controlled the same as your own. 

The main screen of the GUI typically displays 6-7 icons: Watch, Listen, Lighting, Comfort, Security, Apps, and more.

With Control4 everything can be distributed from one location, eliminating clutter from where your TVs and entertainment areas are. A central rack in a closet, cabinet or designated room can be designed to house your control system, audio, video, and other components.

No more showing wires, extra remotes, or multiple apps for your devices. Next Electronic Systems can program everything to work through your Control4 system, and be accessed and controlled by your Control4 remote, smartphone, tablet, or an in-wall touch panel. 


Watching TV is simple with Control4. Easy access to your streaming services or cable/dish can be done with just a click of your Control4 remote. Whether its AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Netflix, Hulu; it can all be controlled by the system.  

Host great parties and gatherings indoors or outdoors. Multi-Room audio is easy to control with the system. You can access and play all of your streaming music services, including Pandora, Rhapsody, and TIDAL. 

Have a home theater or television that raises or lowers on a lift? You can control it with Control4. Next Electronic Systems also installs home theaters and lifts. 

Smart Lighting

A word that goes hand-in-hand with Control4 would be efficiency. When you select “Lighting” on the Control4 GUI, you can then adjust each room that has been integrated with the lighting in the home. Dim a specific room to a certain brightness, or do them all at once with a master control. It can be simply done by dragging your finger on the screen. Having the ability to control the lights in the home is a great way to save energy. You can always go into the app to check and see if any lights were left on. With Control4 you can also turn everything off at once.

Going on vacation? Next Electronic Systems can program your system to have a “Vacation Mode” that will simulate the regular activity that would be going on if someone was home. Smart lighting is truly great if you are looking to accomplish a certain ambiance and look. Save yourself a trip to the light switch and control it all on your phone from anywhere.

Motorized shades and blinds can be controlled with the system too.

Photos courtesy of Control4


A Control4 system can be integrated with HVAC, allowing you to adjust the A/C and heat in your home. This can be scheduled for certain times of the day, or be adjusted manually at any time. 

Outdoor control falls into this category as well. You can control your pool, hot tub or spa. Easily adjust the heat, turn on the jets or your pool pump. 

Sprinkler systems for your lawn can also be controlled. 


Safety and Security

By selecting “Away” you can shut down everything you want and arm your alarm system. Get alerts on your phone of any activity in the home while you are gone. Receive alerts even for water leaks or anything else that you don’t want to happen while you are away.

The ability to lock your car by the click of a button has been a possibility for a while now. Why not your own home? When you use your away button you can shut the garage and lock all the doors in the house.

Access security cameras and even your intercom system to speak with someone at the front door. 



Schedule Control4 System Design and Installation with Next

4K video and gigabit speed internet will soon be the norm. For the best performance, you will want a secure and optimized network. This is what we do at Next Electronic Systems. Our goal is to make our clients lives easier -not the opposite. For a better visual representation, we encourage you to check out a video below of what a Control4 system can do. 

If you are local to the Austin area and interested in having your own Control4 system installed and programmed give us a call (512-263-9700) to schedule a walk through with our sales team. You can start off small with a one-room system, and easily upgrade to whole home control down the road. 

Let us help you design a smarter home. 

All photos courtesy of Control4



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