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TV Mounting Methods Austin TX

TV Mounting Methods – Austin, Texas

Are you looking to get a couple TV’s hung in your home or business? Next Electronic Systems, Inc. (Austin, Texas) is an audio-visual integrator that specializes in many home and business technologies. One of our most common services is simply mounting Televisions for both homes and commercial systems. There are many techniques we consider and practice when mounting televisions. 

First of all – all TVs come with stands that allow them to be placed on a TV stand or some type of tabletop.

There are three common types of mounts we use for hanging a TV on a wall.

Flat Mount

This mount does not tilt and it is important when using this mount that the placement of the TV will be low enough and eye level, with nothing below obstructing the ability to do so (ex: Fireplace)

Tilt Mount

With out much introduction at all. There are many instances when a tilt mount should be used. We often use tilt mounts when a TV must be mounted higher on a wall. Other instances include bedrooms when it will be watched by someone lying in bed or in bathrooms.

Swing Arm Mount

Swing arm mounts are useful in corners and areas that do not have a flat space. They are also useful for turning the TV a certain angle for different viewing positions.

Tilt mount Austin TV
TV mounting Austin

Other ideas to consider:

Recessed (In-Wall) Mounting

Another method to consider for a media room is mounting a TV in a recessed space so that the screen is flush with the wall. This method is of course for aesthetic reasons and usually involves more work – but boy does it look awesome when done right!

The Pull Down TV Mount

We mount a lot of TVs… A common issue in family and living room areas is when mounting a TV above a fireplace. You may find your neck strained watching TV from an upward angle over a long period of time. To achieve eye-level viewing we have begun using Mantel Mount’s Pull Down Mount as a solution. No matter if your screen is 32” or 75” – this mount is easy to use by anyone and can help you achieve eye level viewing for an above fireplace TV.


There are quite a number of different ways you can use a lift with your TV. A lift is commonly incorporated for the reason of having the ability to hide the TV when desired. Perhaps you live in a high rise in downtown Austin and your bed faces out to a window and you have no walls to mount your 75” TV on. You would also prefer not to take up more space with furniture just for the purpose of resting a TV on it. Nexus 21’s drop down and flip down lifts are perfect solutions for this type of scenario.


Recessed TV cabinet Austin

When we come into a new area to work, our technicians are equipped with everything necessary to do a clean and efficient job, including a full inventory of tools, cloth blankets, and painter’s tape. We believe taking careful and precise measurements is key in successfully mounting a television because it ensures no unnecessary damage is done to the wall. We have installed screens in all types of situations, including motorized mounts inside furniture and in the ceiling. We also use motorized lifts for projection screens and projectors. At Next, we have installed a wide range of sizes of screens and are knowledgeable about new emerging HD technology.

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