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Lutron Serena Shades

Lutron Serena Shades

Austin, Texas gets lots of sunshine. Driving down South Lamar Blvd, not too long ago was a billboard ad for Tesla Solar, claiming that 300 days out of the year is all sunshine for the lone star capital. They were probably not far from the truth. Storm fronts are short, and when they come from the NW, they are usually blown back up from Gulf winds. On average, there is over 100 days above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

And of course, everything is bigger in Texas, including the vehicles we like to drive, and the homes we build. Most of the new contemporary homes being built around the city have larger windows- large awnings, large casements, large customized shapes of all kinds. There’s plenty of benefits from having windows like this, including, lots of natural light, bringing the outdoors in, panoramic views, and aesthetic appeal in general. A disadvantage can be all that heat and light coming into the home, during certain parts of the day, or year. Especially if you don’t have motorized shades for all those windows!

Serena shades by Lutron, are premium, battery powered, motorized shades that can be controlled with a small remote. There are over 150 different fabrics to choose from with Serena, including varying opacities, and insulating honeycomb styles. The advantage of these particular shades is that they require no wires. While there are other advantages to having wired shades, (including more customizations) the low maintenance and quick installation can make up for it.

Shades Serena Hill Country
Serena shades are powered with D batteries that can last up to 2 – 5 years, depending on cycles per day. (See the chart below)

Besides the PICO remote, Serena Shades can also be controlled with the Lutron app, from anywhere. With this app, you can add personalization, scheduling, and geofencing, where you can control shades and lights based on your location. Lutron shades can also work with certain thermostats (call to learn more on what brands), and the lighting fixtures in your home. They can also be controlled with an Apple Watch and the Amazon Alexa / Echo.

Pico Serena Austin
300x300 apple watch Lutron
Next Electronic Systems, Inc. is a premium audio/video integrator specializing in automation for over 15 years in Austin, Texas. At Next, we work closely with designers and architects, to integrate electronics and technology into homes. We strive to do this in the best way possible without interrupting the architecture and aesthetics throughout the home. For a consultation, or to view samples of all fabrics and designs for Lutron shades, give us a call today!

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