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Lutron Installers Austin Texas

Lutron Installers – Austin, Texas

Next Electronic Systems is a dealer and installer of Lutron Lighting and Shades. For many years Next has installed shades, lighting controls, dimmers, occupancy sensors and more for businesses and homes throughout Austin, Texas.

Joel Spira, an entrepreneur, physicist, and inventor of the dimmer switch, founded Lutron in 1961. The company was founded, and for the majority still resides in Coopersburg, PA. Lutron lighting can be found in major developments and buildings across the globe, including the Empire State Building. They are known as the company who softened lights in homes everywhere.

Next considers lighting control to be one of the most important electronic features in a home. The ability to dim the lighting in rooms is an important feature that everyone should consider when building a home today.

commercial lighting control Lutron

There are all kinds of colors, sizes, and features for Lutron lighting keypads. The great thing about these keypads is that each function is engraved on the keys, allowing you to always know what key does what. Say goodbye to ordinary switches and guests having to figure out what turns on what.

Lutron is also known for having most quiet, motorized shades ever. There are thousands of different materials and fabrics to choose from. You can see examples of these fabrics at https://www.lutronfabrics.com/ Next also has fabric books with samples of all fabrics available to anyone interested. Call today to reserve!

Lutron shades and lighting can all be controlled on a smartphone, tablet, or computer as well- even Apple Watch!

Austin Texas Commercial Lighting and Shades
Next Lighting Austin

If you are a builder in Austin, Texas and would be interested in finding a great subcontractor who specializes in structured wiring for audio, video, internet, security, and more, call Next Electronic Systems. If you are a future homeowner, be sure to look more into how Lutron can change your daily life.

Lutron pre-wiring

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