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Interior Animation Effects For Luxury Car Owners

Luxury Cars Just Got Animated

detailed interior animationWhat’s cooler than driving a Ferrari around town? How about driving a Ferrari around time with interior automation. Yes, car owners now have the luxury of adding interior animation to their vehicles. Imagine listening to your favorite song while animated characters danced across your dashboard or the worlds most exotic strippers undressed on top of your glove box. Advanced animation technology and micro projectors allow for 3D animations to be projected throughout your vehicle for a truly awe inspiring experience. These animations can be uploaded and store locally on the vehicles internal drive or stored in the cloud and streamed. Animations that are currently available through the developer’s hub are primarily animal and sports figures. Third party developers are creating custom slide show style effects and “nudies” for the young guys that wish to have 3D strip shows on their dashboards.

Is This The First Step To Automatoive VR?

Virtual Reality is everywhere, it’s consuming us at home, available at sporting events, and being sold at local tech shops. But is VR in the car going to be something we soon embrace? tech insiders suggest that automotive VR is already here, while parents and politicians warn it may be too much of a distraction for young people. The idea of a VR interior is something I would expect to see in a remake of Back To The Future. Can you imagine Marty visiting the year 2018 and returning to the 1980’s with a Drag Queen dancing on his dashboard? It’s an insane thought for sure!

Possible Uses For Automotive VR

We asked Kickstand automation expert Phil Leonard what he thought about the idea and he had this to say. “Interior VR animation could become the next big thing. In-dash displays could be used as projection units, or ceiling mounted devices could offer a center piece that projects above the interior, providing users with an over the shoulder experience. I see this technology being something that could be used like GPS or for in-park experiences for drive-through parks like North West Trek in Washington. Imagine having a full VR experience about the animals as you idle through the park with your family. Definitely an entertainment factor for the kids.”

Anyone Currently Using Automotive VR?

mercedes benz interior VRWe called around to see if any dealerships were selling vehicles with this technology installed and nobody could give us a definitive answer. I talked to a Mercedes Benz Dealer in Texas and he said that they have yet to see one ship with this technology. There were, however, instances where people returned their Benz to trade in and the technology had been installed. We called around to other dealerships in California and in New York and heard a similar response. Last we reached out to Chase Detailing in Oklahoma City to see if they have detailed any high-end cars with this animation technology installed and we were surprised to hear that they had not seen it. Clearly, this technology is new to the market and doesn’t look to fully penetrate it anytime soon. It seems like it probably has more entertainment value at the moment than any other purpose. I’ll stand by and wait before I go installing a VR Animation projector in my car.

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