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Faster Internet in Every Room

Faster Internet in Every Room

802.11ac has been around for a few years now, and many people in Austin benefit from gigabit speed internet, thanks to Google. As Google Fiber now moves their concentration away from broadband fiber, and on to wireless, many competitors are racing to catch up in this revolution of internet speed.

With most providers providing reasonable speeds for residential, with anywhere from 60-300mbps, there should be no reason these speeds can’t work well for the average consumer. In regards to maintaining the fastest speed made possible for your area, we wanted to make note of what might still be stopping you from attaining those top speeds…Access Points (lack of)

If you are wondering what 802.11ac is- it is the name of the 5th generation of the standard Wi-Fi wireless network technology. Before it was 802.11n. 802.11ac became the standard for consumer products in January 2014.

Networks and AV TX

Key differences between 802.11ac and previous generations are:

  • Larger number of MIMO (multiple in, multiple out) radios and antennas to enable more simultaneous transmissions
  • Channels that utilize a larger and wider expanse of signal frequencies
  • Operate in the 5 GHZ signal range (previous generations were in the 2.4 GHZ range)
  • 802.11ac routers also include separate 802.11n-style 2.4 GHz protocol support

The Internet has increasingly become one of the most important home utilities in the last few years. Some people have done away with having a wired phone in their home. Whether people do have a home phone or not, cellular communication via text, emails, and various video phones services, such as FaceTime and Skype, all depend on a fast and reliable network.

When you add home automation into the mix, your going to want to make sure you have everything set up to work right for all these IOT (internet-of-things) devices. We have adapted with this changing development in the industry, and are experienced when it comes to understanding the needs for both, commercial and residential projects, in respects to network reliability.

If you are getting poor bandwidth in certain rooms or experiencing long loading times for streaming services, such as Hulu or Netflix, you may want to consider having some access points added to your network. One way of telling this is the number of bars you are getting on your smart phone or tablet. If you are not getting full bars inside the same dwelling of your wireless router. Often enough this all has to do with range and obstructions (walls). A brief visit and consultation with an expert can be beneficial to understanding and diagnosing issues with your network.

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