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Connect Amazon Echo to your Control4 System- Austin, Texas

Connecting your Amazon Echo to your Control4 System

Amazon Alexa now integrates with Control4 for hands-free control of lighting, lighting scenes, and thermostats without the need for drivers or programming.

There is now an easy setup available to Control4 customers that allows them to connect their Amazon Echo easily. For additional steps and instructions check out the following videos below.

Want to dim the kitchen lights to 25% — simply tell Alexa to do so and it is done!

The number of smart products continues to grow. Having them all work together is what we believe creates the true magic of a “Smart Home”

With one touch, dim the lights, adjust the temperature, lock the doors and arm your security system. With the power of an Amazon Echo, you can now control virtually everything in your Control4 system with the sound of your voice. 

We wanted to share the following videos to show how easy it is to connect your Amazon Echo and Control4 System.

Control4 automation custom Alexa

If you have additional questions about using the Amazon Echo with your Control4 system feel free to reach out to us by phone, email or social media. We are here to help anyone in the Austin area interested in using Control4 and the Amazon Echo. 

To schedule advanced programming with Control4 and Amazon Echo call 512-263-9700 today!

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