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Control4 4Sight and When>>Then – Austin, Texas

smart home austin control4

Expanded 4Sight and When>>Then

Austin, Texas

Hands-On Homeowner Personalization

Who doesn’t want the ability to fine-tune and make small changes to their smart home without calling their dealer? This has been a top request for some time for Control4 customers.  We know Control4 offers superior control, support, and quality products that we can stand behind. A home automation system that brings many benefits to our client’s lives. We are always excited to share news and updates with Control4, and there is no exception with Control4’s When>>Then feature. 

With only a few clicks, a homeowner can tie a keypad button to a playlist, create a custom push notification, and adjust the schedule for their smart lighting. The options are only limited by the types of products installed in the home. 

The feature truly has everything to do with its title. When something happens, then do something. When >> Then has been designed to make it easy for homeowners to tweak and fine-tune the automation in their home, but simple enough to avoid support calls to us. 

We are always here if you do need us. Have more questions about this new feature? Feel free to check in with us and learn more about how it works. 

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Connect Amazon Echo to your Control4 System- Austin, Texas

Connecting your Amazon Echo to your Control4 System

Amazon Alexa now integrates with Control4 for hands-free control of lighting, lighting scenes, and thermostats without the need for drivers or programming.

There is now an easy setup available to Control4 customers that allows them to connect their Amazon Echo easily. For additional steps and instructions check out the following videos below.

Want to dim the kitchen lights to 25% — simply tell Alexa to do so and it is done!

The number of smart products continues to grow. Having them all work together is what we believe creates the true magic of a “Smart Home”

With one touch, dim the lights, adjust the temperature, lock the doors and arm your security system. With the power of an Amazon Echo, you can now control virtually everything in your Control4 system with the sound of your voice. 

We wanted to share the following videos to show how easy it is to connect your Amazon Echo and Control4 System.

Control4 automation custom Alexa

If you have additional questions about using the Amazon Echo with your Control4 system feel free to reach out to us by phone, email or social media. We are here to help anyone in the Austin area interested in using Control4 and the Amazon Echo. 

To schedule advanced programming with Control4 and Amazon Echo call 512-263-9700 today!

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TV Mounting Methods Austin TX

TV Mounting Methods – Austin, Texas

Are you looking to get a couple TV’s hung in your home or business? Next Electronic Systems, Inc. (Austin, Texas) is an audio-visual integrator that specializes in many home and business technologies. One of our most common services is simply mounting Televisions for both homes and commercial systems. There are many techniques we consider and practice when mounting televisions. 

First of all – all TVs come with stands that allow them to be placed on a TV stand or some type of tabletop.

There are three common types of mounts we use for hanging a TV on a wall.

Flat Mount

This mount does not tilt and it is important when using this mount that the placement of the TV will be low enough and eye level, with nothing below obstructing the ability to do so (ex: Fireplace)

Tilt Mount

With out much introduction at all. There are many instances when a tilt mount should be used. We often use tilt mounts when a TV must be mounted higher on a wall. Other instances include bedrooms when it will be watched by someone lying in bed or in bathrooms.

Swing Arm Mount

Swing arm mounts are useful in corners and areas that do not have a flat space. They are also useful for turning the TV a certain angle for different viewing positions.

Tilt mount Austin TV
TV mounting Austin

Other ideas to consider:

Recessed (In-Wall) Mounting

Another method to consider for a media room is mounting a TV in a recessed space so that the screen is flush with the wall. This method is of course for aesthetic reasons and usually involves more work – but boy does it look awesome when done right!

The Pull Down TV Mount

We mount a lot of TVs… A common issue in family and living room areas is when mounting a TV above a fireplace. You may find your neck strained watching TV from an upward angle over a long period of time. To achieve eye-level viewing we have begun using Mantel Mount’s Pull Down Mount as a solution. No matter if your screen is 32” or 75” – this mount is easy to use by anyone and can help you achieve eye level viewing for an above fireplace TV.


There are quite a number of different ways you can use a lift with your TV. A lift is commonly incorporated for the reason of having the ability to hide the TV when desired. Perhaps you live in a high rise in downtown Austin and your bed faces out to a window and you have no walls to mount your 75” TV on. You would also prefer not to take up more space with furniture just for the purpose of resting a TV on it. Nexus 21’s drop down and flip down lifts are perfect solutions for this type of scenario.


Recessed TV cabinet Austin

When we come into a new area to work, our technicians are equipped with everything necessary to do a clean and efficient job, including a full inventory of tools, cloth blankets, and painter’s tape. We believe taking careful and precise measurements is key in successfully mounting a television because it ensures no unnecessary damage is done to the wall. We have installed screens in all types of situations, including motorized mounts inside furniture and in the ceiling. We also use motorized lifts for projection screens and projectors. At Next, we have installed a wide range of sizes of screens and are knowledgeable about new emerging HD technology.

Call us today for a free quote – 512-263-9700

Tv installation easy fast
Austin Texas based integrator hang tvs

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Interior Animation Effects For Luxury Car Owners

Luxury Cars Just Got Animated

detailed interior animationWhat’s cooler than driving a Ferrari around town? How about driving a Ferrari around time with interior automation. Yes, car owners now have the luxury of adding interior animation to their vehicles. Imagine listening to your favorite song while animated characters danced across your dashboard or the worlds most exotic strippers undressed on top of your glove box. Advanced animation technology and micro projectors allow for 3D animations to be projected throughout your vehicle for a truly awe inspiring experience. These animations can be uploaded and store locally on the vehicles internal drive or stored in the cloud and streamed. Animations that are currently available through the developer’s hub are primarily animal and sports figures. Third party developers are creating custom slide show style effects and “nudies” for the young guys that wish to have 3D strip shows on their dashboards.

Is This The First Step To Automatoive VR?

Virtual Reality is everywhere, it’s consuming us at home, available at sporting events, and being sold at local tech shops. But is VR in the car going to be something we soon embrace? tech insiders suggest that automotive VR is already here, while parents and politicians warn it may be too much of a distraction for young people. The idea of a VR interior is something I would expect to see in a remake of Back To The Future. Can you imagine Marty visiting the year 2018 and returning to the 1980’s with a Drag Queen dancing on his dashboard? It’s an insane thought for sure!

Possible Uses For Automotive VR

We asked Kickstand automation expert Phil Leonard what he thought about the idea and he had this to say. “Interior VR animation could become the next big thing. In-dash displays could be used as projection units, or ceiling mounted devices could offer a center piece that projects above the interior, providing users with an over the shoulder experience. I see this technology being something that could be used like GPS or for in-park experiences for drive-through parks like North West Trek in Washington. Imagine having a full VR experience about the animals as you idle through the park with your family. Definitely an entertainment factor for the kids.”

Anyone Currently Using Automotive VR?

mercedes benz interior VRWe called around to see if any dealerships were selling vehicles with this technology installed and nobody could give us a definitive answer. I talked to a Mercedes Benz Dealer in Texas and he said that they have yet to see one ship with this technology. There were, however, instances where people returned their Benz to trade in and the technology had been installed. We called around to other dealerships in California and in New York and heard a similar response. Last we reached out to Chase Detailing in Oklahoma City to see if they have detailed any high-end cars with this animation technology installed and we were surprised to hear that they had not seen it. Clearly, this technology is new to the market and doesn’t look to fully penetrate it anytime soon. It seems like it probably has more entertainment value at the moment than any other purpose. I’ll stand by and wait before I go installing a VR Animation projector in my car.

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TV Mounting Austin TX

TV Mounting Company – Austin, Texas

Are you looking to get a couple TV’s hung in your home or business? Next Electronic Systems, Inc. (Austin, Texas) is an audio-visual integrator that specializes in many home and business technologies. One of our most common services is simply mounting Televisions and projector screens for both homes and commercial systems. All of our projects are customized specifically for each client and our work is covered under our own warranty one year from installation.

There are many techniques we consider and practice when mounting televisions. We also specialize in situations where the television is recessed inside the wall, or has a built out special housing that can even be a mirror when the TV is turned off.

Some important things we make certain of knowing is where the TV will go. The weight of the television, and the weight capacity of the mount. Should a swing arm, tilt, or flat mount be used? Can the wall support it? Does it have power? Our technicians are trained and knowledgeable of running power to a new spot on the wall if needed. This allows the ability to hide all wires coming out of the television. We also take in to consideration what components will be used and running distributed audio and video to a central location where all these components can be stored.


Television Mounting Austin Tx pro
Tv installation easy fast


When we come into a new area to work, our technicians are equipped with everything necessary to do a clean and efficient job, including a full inventory of tools, cloth blankets, and painter’s tape. We believe taking careful and precise measurements is key in successfully mounting a television because it ensures no unnecessary damage is done to the wall. We have installed screens in all types of situations, including motorized mounts inside furniture and in the ceiling. We also use motorized lifts for projection screens and projectors. At Next, we have installed a wide range of sizes of screens and are knowledgeable about new emerging HD technology. If you are currently in the market for a new television, our sales team can help you pick and discern differences in 4K, OLED, HDR, etc.

Call us today for a free quote – 512-263-9700

Austin Texas based integrator hang tvs
Television mounting Austin Texas

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Home Theater Design Austin, TX

Your Local Experts in Home Theater Design

For over 15 years, we have been committed to designing top of the line home theaters and providing the best service for our clients. To us, it is more than just a room. Our home theaters are always custom-designed, with collaboration between ourselves, and each client. We set high standards to design a home theater that is easy to use, and beautiful in every way. 


There are many things to consider when designing a home theater, including, the room itself. Are the walls and flooring appropriate for dampening and absorbing sound? Having the ability to perfectly dim the lighting in the room, as well as pathway lighting is another important feature we focus on. All of these factors we address in the designing process.

Austin Projector Theater

We also recognize that by investing in a project like this, that there should be high expectations for the final product to be easy to use too. After all, what good is a beautiful, state-of-the-art home theater, if you don’t know how to make it work? Functionality can be overlooked by many claimed to be “experts”. So when you are ready for movie time, how do you control it? We recommend automation. By integrating all components of this system, including lighting, audio, and video, you can control your home theater all on one remote. We are a dealer and programmer of Universal Remote Control, as well as the best home automation brands like Control4 and Crestron. We can even set up voice control for your home theater, using the Amazon Alexa. All you have to do it sit back and give the word, and you’re watching your favorite films in the privacy of your own home theater. It is that easy.

For the best home theater design, consultation, and installation in Austin, Texas, call Next Electronic Systems- serving the greater Austin area for over 15 years!

Home Theater Installation Austin Texas Next
The seating, the screen, projector and the sound are all important factors to consider when designing a home theater. When you go to searching “home theater speakers” online, the results can be overwhelming and hard to choose from. There really is tons of stuff out there, and the options are always growing in numbers. Next Electronic Systems is a dealer for many premium audio brands, who specifically cater to home-theater settings. After working closely with these top brands for so many years, we know who is the best in regards to quality, warranties, and customer support.

custom av theater

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Faster Internet in Every Room

Faster Internet in Every Room

802.11ac has been around for a few years now, and many people in Austin benefit from gigabit speed internet, thanks to Google. As Google Fiber now moves their concentration away from broadband fiber, and on to wireless, many competitors are racing to catch up in this revolution of internet speed.

With most providers providing reasonable speeds for residential, with anywhere from 60-300mbps, there should be no reason these speeds can’t work well for the average consumer. In regards to maintaining the fastest speed made possible for your area, we wanted to make note of what might still be stopping you from attaining those top speeds…Access Points (lack of)

If you are wondering what 802.11ac is- it is the name of the 5th generation of the standard Wi-Fi wireless network technology. Before it was 802.11n. 802.11ac became the standard for consumer products in January 2014.

Networks and AV TX

Key differences between 802.11ac and previous generations are:

  • Larger number of MIMO (multiple in, multiple out) radios and antennas to enable more simultaneous transmissions
  • Channels that utilize a larger and wider expanse of signal frequencies
  • Operate in the 5 GHZ signal range (previous generations were in the 2.4 GHZ range)
  • 802.11ac routers also include separate 802.11n-style 2.4 GHz protocol support

The Internet has increasingly become one of the most important home utilities in the last few years. Some people have done away with having a wired phone in their home. Whether people do have a home phone or not, cellular communication via text, emails, and various video phones services, such as FaceTime and Skype, all depend on a fast and reliable network.

When you add home automation into the mix, your going to want to make sure you have everything set up to work right for all these IOT (internet-of-things) devices. We have adapted with this changing development in the industry, and are experienced when it comes to understanding the needs for both, commercial and residential projects, in respects to network reliability.

If you are getting poor bandwidth in certain rooms or experiencing long loading times for streaming services, such as Hulu or Netflix, you may want to consider having some access points added to your network. One way of telling this is the number of bars you are getting on your smart phone or tablet. If you are not getting full bars inside the same dwelling of your wireless router. Often enough this all has to do with range and obstructions (walls). A brief visit and consultation with an expert can be beneficial to understanding and diagnosing issues with your network.

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Lutron Serena Shades

Lutron Serena Shades

Austin, Texas gets lots of sunshine. Driving down South Lamar Blvd, not too long ago was a billboard ad for Tesla Solar, claiming that 300 days out of the year is all sunshine for the lone star capital. They were probably not far from the truth. Storm fronts are short, and when they come from the NW, they are usually blown back up from Gulf winds. On average, there is over 100 days above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

And of course, everything is bigger in Texas, including the vehicles we like to drive, and the homes we build. Most of the new contemporary homes being built around the city have larger windows- large awnings, large casements, large customized shapes of all kinds. There’s plenty of benefits from having windows like this, including, lots of natural light, bringing the outdoors in, panoramic views, and aesthetic appeal in general. A disadvantage can be all that heat and light coming into the home, during certain parts of the day, or year. Especially if you don’t have motorized shades for all those windows!

Serena shades by Lutron, are premium, battery powered, motorized shades that can be controlled with a small remote. There are over 150 different fabrics to choose from with Serena, including varying opacities, and insulating honeycomb styles. The advantage of these particular shades is that they require no wires. While there are other advantages to having wired shades, (including more customizations) the low maintenance and quick installation can make up for it.

Shades Serena Hill Country
Serena shades are powered with D batteries that can last up to 2 – 5 years, depending on cycles per day. (See the chart below)

Besides the PICO remote, Serena Shades can also be controlled with the Lutron app, from anywhere. With this app, you can add personalization, scheduling, and geofencing, where you can control shades and lights based on your location. Lutron shades can also work with certain thermostats (call to learn more on what brands), and the lighting fixtures in your home. They can also be controlled with an Apple Watch and the Amazon Alexa / Echo.

Pico Serena Austin
300x300 apple watch Lutron
Next Electronic Systems, Inc. is a premium audio/video integrator specializing in automation for over 15 years in Austin, Texas. At Next, we work closely with designers and architects, to integrate electronics and technology into homes. We strive to do this in the best way possible without interrupting the architecture and aesthetics throughout the home. For a consultation, or to view samples of all fabrics and designs for Lutron shades, give us a call today!

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Whole Home Audio

Whole Home Audio

Today, in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers have evolved in not only the way they look and sound but how they operate. Next Electronic Systems installs whole home audio systems in Austin, Texas, that are simple and easy to use. Music plays immediately, and levels and rooms can be easily adjusted through an app on your smartphone.

Whole home audio installation

Whole Home Audio is quite easy to do. With recent innovations made by in-wall loudspeaker manufacturers, many speakers require only simple hardware, with minimal use of tools to secure speakers in the holes that are cut out for them. Brands like Origin Acoustics also make great in-ceiling subwoofers. Literally, everything can be put in a wall, saving more space on the ground and in the home. Grilles for these loudspeakers have been designed to blend in well with the same color as most ceilings. For many installations, you will hardly notice they are there -except for when you hear them.

Whether building a new home or not, Next can help design and install a great system. For structured pre-wiring, Next will come in during the framing process. By choosing a central hub, entertainment area, or placement of a rack, (where all audio/video components can be stored) the wiring can all be then run from this central location. From there, the wire can be run to each room, including, speaker wire and CAT6 for internet, 4K or HD video, and more.

Next is dealer for many audio manufacturers, including, Origin Acoustics, Wisdom Audio, Polk Audio, Revel, Tannoy, Speakercraft, JBL Synthesis, JBL, Denon, Sonance, Bose and more…

Call Next Electronic Systems today to consult with one of our project managers. They will arrange a one-on-one, in-person meeting to go over everything you are looking to be able to do. A quote will be provided, along with in-depth designs and blueprints of how the system will be installed. This also includes in-depth and in-person, explanation of how it will work too. Next appreciates user-friendly technology that is easy for anyone to control. For more information call Next today – 512-263-9700

Next Electronic Systems Inc. has been operating in Austin, Texas for over 15 years, with expertise in automation, home theater design, lighting control, whole home audio, and more. Next also installs background music for commercial venues, restaurants, and other places of business of all sizes. To see some examples and lists of businesses that have used Next as their audio experts – go here.

structured wiring Austin Texas
residential whole home audio

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Lutron Installers Austin Texas

Lutron Installers – Austin, Texas

Next Electronic Systems is a dealer and installer of Lutron Lighting and Shades. For many years Next has installed shades, lighting controls, dimmers, occupancy sensors and more for businesses and homes throughout Austin, Texas.

Joel Spira, an entrepreneur, physicist, and inventor of the dimmer switch, founded Lutron in 1961. The company was founded, and for the majority still resides in Coopersburg, PA. Lutron lighting can be found in major developments and buildings across the globe, including the Empire State Building. They are known as the company who softened lights in homes everywhere.

Next considers lighting control to be one of the most important electronic features in a home. The ability to dim the lighting in rooms is an important feature that everyone should consider when building a home today.

commercial lighting control Lutron

There are all kinds of colors, sizes, and features for Lutron lighting keypads. The great thing about these keypads is that each function is engraved on the keys, allowing you to always know what key does what. Say goodbye to ordinary switches and guests having to figure out what turns on what.

Lutron is also known for having most quiet, motorized shades ever. There are thousands of different materials and fabrics to choose from. You can see examples of these fabrics at https://www.lutronfabrics.com/ Next also has fabric books with samples of all fabrics available to anyone interested. Call today to reserve!

Lutron shades and lighting can all be controlled on a smartphone, tablet, or computer as well- even Apple Watch!

Austin Texas Commercial Lighting and Shades
Next Lighting Austin

If you are a builder in Austin, Texas and would be interested in finding a great subcontractor who specializes in structured wiring for audio, video, internet, security, and more, call Next Electronic Systems. If you are a future homeowner, be sure to look more into how Lutron can change your daily life.

Lutron pre-wiring

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